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These features are commonly connected with entrepreneurship. In Nigeria, a few of these qualities have actually been investigated.

It is usually concurred that Nigerian entrepreneurs are socially active, alert to lucrative opportunities seek product rewards, which entrepreneurship is socially honoured. Their occupational background varies. They have actually had considerably working experience in company, government and other careers. Contrary to popular expectations, nevertheless, Akeredolu-Ale found that previous business employment has no substantial impact on later efficiency as an entrepreneur.

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The educational attainment of Nigerian entrepreneurs is typically above the educational level of the average Nigerian education is considerable for a number of factors. It is anticipated that education will certainly provide entrepreneurs the ways by which originalities might be acquired and the skills to manage a sizeable enterprise. Greater official education has actually not been formed to be considerably associated to effective performance as an entrepreneur. This is probably due to the kind of education generally provided in Nigeria secondary schools and universities, which is not vocationally oriented.

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In short, the quality of an entrepreneur incorporates various activities which are carried out to make sure the survival and development of business. Sufficient arrangements must be produced decision making and control of the activities of the business.

The entrepreneur might include such innovation of producing a new product, adjustment of an existing one in other to serve a requirement better and adoption of a new innovation or manufacturing process.

However, the behavioural quality of the entrepreneur pertains to the business owner’s personal attributes, knowledge and experience, to run a company and establish.

Evidently therefore, entrepreneur involves the acquisition of resources for productive activities, risk bearing, decision making, innovation, arrangement of capital for continuing the operation of business establishment.

ACQUISITION OF RESOURCES FOR PRODUCTIVE ACTIVITES: This has to do with the entrepreneur’s personal life or issue in a proposal to develop a good market. The acquisition of productive activities is a personal decision that is, taken by the entrepreneur for the purpose of its company to achieve its primary motive.

The productive activities could be described as devices purchased for the function of production of goods/product in order to please the requirements of the market.

RISK BEARING: Risk is the unpredictability in business. However, company is full of risk, such as employers’ risk. Risk is the probability that a desire result or event may not take place, when it occurs, the result will certainly be many different from the expectation.

The entrepreneur bears all the risk that is engageded in the operation at the end result of business activities.

DECISION MAKING: Entrepreneur is like a manager, because he decides how the business activities ought to be performed which consists of the techniques to be embraced for the operation of the business. The entrepreneur decision making can either be beneficial or unfavorable to the business. Since he has the last say on the operation of the company, the entrepreneur is said to be supreme in decision making in this context. The entrepreneur has to be ingenious regarding improve good operation and decision making.

INNOVATION: Innovation can just be called imagination or the introduction of new idea and approaches and so on the entrepreneur must be innovative in order to know the best ways to customize its product and the production of a new product into the market to please their requirements. Innovation is one of the major qualities of an entrepreneur because it improves the entrepreneur on the best ways to modify the existing items and the very best approach or technique to be utilized in order to produce a good market.

PROVISION OF CAPITAL: Based on accounting field of study, capital might be defined as any cash used for beginning or establishing up a business. We can see that capital is extremely vital to the entrepreneurs’ personal behavioral characteristic. This is the entrepreneur’s ways of sourcing for funds in order to start up the business and for continuing the operation of business establishment.

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