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Need a Lawyer?


Lawyers play a common role in movies and televisions, but some people go through their entire lives without ever engaging one. However, that is unusual because lawyers are a key way for the average citizen to navigate our important, but extremely complex legal system. It is a service in wide demand; the Law Society of Upper Canada reported in 2015 that there were over 49,000 licensed lawyers.

Just as you would not trust the repair of your car to the first person that walked by, you would not seek legal advice from someone with no background in the law.

Here’s a hypothetical case. Say you were fired from your job for reasons you thought to be invalid. Rather than accept this outcome, you decide to take your former employer to court. You have the option of representing yourself, but that would greatly reduce your chance of victory since you lack the necessary legal knowledge in this area.

The first step would be to seek out a wrongful termination lawyer in Kitchener. There are several with these qualifications, so read reviews or solicit opinions from those who have used their services in the past. When you have made your choice, make an appointment and discuss the matter with the lawyer. They will advise you on whether they feel you have a chance of winning, as well as go through some basics in approach and their fee for the service. The common practice is to provide them with a retainer, or deposit, which you will top up later, if needed.

This is just one area of the law. Some lawyers specialize in a single type, while others have the background to be proficient in several. For example, if you are seeking a family trust lawyer in KW, he or she may turn out to be the same person you previously

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