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Does Your Family Need The Nannybot?


As a kid, I loved the Jetsons.  Their futuristic house, awesome flying jet and super cool robotic nanny.  I mean who doesn’t want someone who can whip around and help them keep the house tidy?

Looking to shape the future, 5e Robotics NannyBot.  This robot has an integrated camera so that the parents can keep an eye on their children.  It can follow the children projecting video and audio back to the parent’s cell phone or computer.  The parent can also drive the robot remotely to see a larger picture of the children’s environment.

5e NannyBot has an optional basket accessory to hold children’s toys.

Designed to inspire and connect with children, 5e NannyBot is three feet tall and very cute.  The robot runs on a rechargeable battery which lasts around 8 hours.

The robot can be used indoors and outdoors (in good weather), is available with many different language options and has customizable messages that it can say to your children.

“Parents are going to love the freedom and flexibility this robot will add to their lives,” says CEO Wendy Roberts.

The only question here is does it make lunch?  Oh that and what will the ticket price be for a Rosie replacement?


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