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How to buy a car in today’s high-tech world

As technology continues to makes great strides and cars become more and more complicated, it is increasingly difficult to make informed decisions on your choice of transportation. There are several key steps to take to ensure you are making a wise investment.

  1. Research

The first step is use the many online resources available to review and compare vehicles. These sites could include such organizations as or the automaker’s own sites. Based on that information you can narrow your search and begin your on-site research at dealerships. Once there it is important to thoroughly inspect and test drive the car to experience the nuances of the car.

  1. Budget

Based on limited monthly funds, it can be very enticing to lease a brand new expensive vehicle at a very attractive monthly amount. However, a smart alternative to look at a slightly used car that has already had the depreciation paid for by someone else. Usually, a three-year-old vehicles coming back from a lease is your best bet.  End of year deals for last year models are not always the best bet. Newer, redesign models, may offer substantial features and looks that make the previous year model much less valuable.

  1. Negotiation

You need to come armed with a thorough knowledge about the value of the vehicle including what other dealerships are offering. Make sure you know exactly what you want and don’t want.

  1. Trade-in

Trade-ins represent an important money-making proposition for the dealership and so it is wise to not bring that factor into your negotiation for your new vehicle. Negotiate on the price of the new car (not the payment) and then discuss your trade-in. Another option is to sell your old vehicle yourself separately.

  1. Financing and Extras

Do your homework. Understand the local bank rates so that you can make an informed decision when being offered financing through the dealership. As usual, read everything carefully and never sign a document without fully understanding all the details and facts.

Purchasing a new or used vehicle can be a stressful time but if you do your research and homework upfront the process can be easier and pay big dividends.


Tips for Preventing Pipes From Bursting During Winter Months

With temperatures dropping below -10 over the past week, homeowners should take extra care to ensure they don’t end up with frozen pipes.


Because water has a unique property in that it expands as it freezes, the expansion puts tremendous pressure on whatever is containing it, including metal or plastic pipes. No matter the “strength” of a container, expanding water can cause pipes to break.

To keep your home safe this winter here are some offers tips for homeowners to prevent pipes from bursting:

  • Open cabinet doors – Keep cabinet doors in both your kitchen and bathroom open to allow warm air to circulate.
  • Insulate pipes – Invest in a pipe sleeve or heating tape to provide insulation.
    Frequently run water – Allow the faucets to drip lukewarm water in order to minimize freezing.
  • During the Summer or Fall look around the home for areas where water supply lines are located in unheated areas. Look in the basement, crawl space, attic, garage, and under kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Both hot and cold water pipes in these areas should be insulated.
  • Cover outdoor faucets – Outdoor water faucets are extremely susceptible to freezing. It is best to always unhook water hoses for the winter. Consider covering the faucets with insulated sleeves that can be found at hardware and home improvement stores.
  • If the weather is very cold outside, let the cold water drip from the faucet served by exposed pipes. Running water through the pipe – even at a trickle – helps prevent pipes from freezing.
  • Turn up the thermostat – If your home is built over a crawl space, turning up your thermostat will increase the air temperature in the crawlspace by projecting heat energy through the floor into the space.

If a pipe does end up freezing, it is important to locate the water valve and cut it off. Though using a blow dryer or additional types of heating methods to thaw out a frozen pipe might help, there is still a potential danger that a professional plumber can adequately address.


The Power And Image Of A Georgia State Trooper

Model, Mother, Stunt Driver—has, and Mafia Wife packed a lifetime of lessons into forty-eight years. This is the true story of one of Hollywood’s most successful female commercial stunt drivers. A woman who can dominate a two-ton vehicle at high speeds, but off road has careened from one emotional head-on collision to another. The story, told from a woman from the point of view, chronicles the life of a battered woman as she struggles to break the abusive cycle while engineering her escape from the Mafia underworld.

The story begins with Georgia surviving a triple-roll crash of a vintage Dino Ferrari during the filming of a commercial. While somersaulting at high speed toward a forty-foot drop-off into the ocean, Georgia doesn’t see her life pass before her—only her professional instincts roar into focus. With time to reflect, she begins to find that she has built an entire professional persona, not in connection with her life as a woman, not in favour of it, but in contradiction to it. High-speed avoidance of the ‘bad guys ” is not just what she’s doing in front of the camera—it’s what she had done all her life. The journey continues in search of the woman at the center. To go deeper into important hints about georgia police, visit this website; best Atlanta payday loans and cash advances.

Checking an individual’s background in Georgia begins by doing a felony search online or by going to the local police station. Varied charges may be asked for along with your application prior to the publication of the desired record as fees and procedures for getting such files may differ per county and law enforcement office. In this case, a great way to start any search is to examine first online. You can contact Georgia law enforcement agency or you may wish to refer to the Georgia Felon Search website to learn about the specific requirements for procuring a copy of Georgia arrest records and criminal history. When doing an online search, you must provide all the personal information you can on the person you’re searching for to guarantee accuracy in your record check.

In the Peach State where the number of denizens mounts to over 9 million, it isn’t an easy task to really pinpoint anyone with a shady past. Companies have guidelines and one of whom is screening their applicants. Thus, applying for a position in Georgia may not be easy as employers go through the illicit files of their applicants documented by the law enforcement agency specifically the Georgia Crime Information Center or the Georgia Bureau of Investigation directly. Indeed, checking an individual’s background is very important. Procuring records of arrest of anyone you want to play a background check on, whether from the designated public office or from the Internet, is a sure way of protecting loved ones and protecting yourself as well.

Over the years, Georgia’s childhood friend, SAMMY G had risen in rank to the upper echelon of the Mafia. When he learns about Georgia’s rape he is furious. He plots to have Dick murdered. Georgia’s innocence, naivet&eacute ;, and all those confessionless times in the confessional drive her to plead for Dick’s life. Her persistence prevents the murder from taking place. At the young age of seventeen, she has a man’s life in her hands. It’s a power she resists and moves to New York City to pursue her modeling career. She gets a position in an after-hour club in Manhattan to finance her career, where she meets and falls in love with FRANKIE, the proprietor of the club. Frankie has a shady past not unlike her Upstate friends. It is also there that she witnesses her first mob shooting. Although Georgia has lived on the banks of this world since she was 12 years old, she receives her formal underworld education in New York City. Through a series of events Georgia meets Carlo Gambino and begins working as a messenger for the Boss of Bosses. As the trust began to create and her driving stills became evident, her duties became more dangerous. Soon she was driving the getaway cars for the mob. A combination of stupidity that is included with youth, the rape, a low self esteem, and an adventurous spirit eclipsed her reality. She was getting deeply entrenched in underworld activities.

Not wanting Georgia to participate in the darker side of life, Frankie, loving her deeply, unselfishly sends her back to Rochester to marry her high school sweetheart, TOM and live a safe, happy, normal life—which she reluctantly does. She marries, has a daughter, TONI, and is divorced, all before she turns twenty years old. The night she leaves Tom, she meets the prince of darkness, JOE LAMENDOLA, who finally becomes her second husband. Joe is tall, dark and handsome, but the dark is much darker than she had bargained for. Life with Frankie would’ve been like living in Disneyland compared to what lay ahead. Once she entered the darkness it would take years to escape.

After Georgia witnesses Joe and two other men brutally beat a man to death or near death (she still is unsure if the man lived) in the garage of their night club, she herself is beaten to insure silence. When she rebels against his lifestyle, Joe virtually turns her into a prisoner, restricting her movement, time with her family and totally cut her off from her friends. He beats her down mentally and makes her believe she is worthless. When she occasionally gets the courage to get up to him, his violent behavior becomes more overt. He plays Russian Roulette with a loaded gun at her head. He hangs her from a two story building by her ankles until she promised to obey him. Her loving and spirited personality is kept to a frightened, insecure existence as she slides deeper and deeper into submission. Somehow though, her alter ego becomes stronger, dealing with her pain and helping her to survive. She schemes and plans as to how she and her daughter will get out—alive.

Joe forces Georgia to attend the funeral of a low life mobster she detests, JIMMY MASSARO. He was either of the guys she had seen, along with Joe, beat the man in the garage to death. While at the funeral she sat in silence, observing the chilling exchange of eye contact and she discovers who murdered Jimmy Massaro. She knew it was her old friend Sammy G who ordered the hit. However, she did not know until then who the trigger man had been. She wondered how it all tied together. However, she knew better than to ask questions.

Georgia’s ex-sister-in-law, BILLY calls and calls for her help. She fears her husband is going to kill her. Georgia tries the best she can to help, despite Joe’s disapproving watchful eye, but she was not in a position to give Billy the support she cried out for. The result—death. Her husband, BABE kills her, their four young children and then turns the gun on himself. As Georgia stands in the cemetery surrounded by six caskets, she is struck with the reality of how close she is to dying the same type of violent death. She continues living fearfully under Joe’s rule.

When her long time friend, Sammy G, sees bruises on Georgia’s body, he arranges for Joe to be taught a lesson. Joe is beaten near death in Georgia’s presence. After returning from the hospital, Joe eases up on the frequent beatings—but as his bruises begin to fade, so does his memory. Terrified, Georgia leaves Joe with the help of the relatives, but she quickly learns there is no place she can seek safety. He pursues her in Las Vegas and takes her out to the desert to murder her. She jumps from his moving car and hysterical, hops into a woman’s car waiting at a light. Georgia spots a police car after a harrowing chase. Bloodied and dishevelled, she runs to the policeman, pleading for help. Joe, who had tried unsuccessfully to run Georgia’s new found hero off the road, is close behind. Looking like he just stepped off the cover of GQ magazine—calm, cool, and collected, he takes the cop aside and explains that Georgia is under psychiatric care. The cop believes him and tells Georgia to take her problems and go home. Knowing that home isn’t the direction she would be going, she does what she has to be done in order to save herself—she viciously attacks the cop. Georgia’s reaction angers the cop enough to not only arrest her, but Joe too. After spending a horrific night in jail she is released. Not wanting another confrontation with Joe in foreign territory, she jumps bail and flees back to Rochester. Joe follows. Defeated, with nowhere to hide, Georgia, unwillingly resumes her role as obedient wife.

BILL MAHONEY, took office as the new chief of detectives in Rochester. He decides he is going to make a name for himself and rid the flower city of organized crime. He wasn’t expecting his big break when he picked up a small time booster for stolen property. The thief trades some needed information for his freedom and Mahoney is on his way to stardom—and the blood begins to flow. A mob war breaks out. The lights are dimming for the wise guys as Mahoney turns up the heat. Joe sees it coming and leaves for San Diego. Georgia refuses to go, hoping it’ll be her escape for herself and her daughter.

In San Diego, Joe’s abuse toward Georgia becomes excessive. She is not allowed to connect with anyone and has nowhere to turn. Georgia and Toni are miserable. They desperately miss home and family—as they continuously walk on eggshells around Joe. The smallest of things anger him. He vents his anger on them. They spend many nights on the beach, shivering in the cold, waiting for Joe’s temper to calm down before they dare go home. Georgia’s love for her daughter enables her to finally break the vicious cycle. She finds the courage, and impulsively escapes with seven year old, Toni. ‘ Home isn’t an option. ” They head for L.A. with a full tank of gas and seven dollars. Scared and alone, she meets a man by the name of STEVE who offers to help her.

Steve turns out to be an obsessive stalker who also attempts to kill Georgia when she rejects him. He kidnaps Toni and corners Georgia in her apartment brandishing a shotgun. They struggle, the gun goes off and Georgia manages to get away. After she insistently tries to seek help from the police to no help, she finally resorts to getting help from the West Coast mob. A hit man is sent. Georgia, still a soft touch, only enables him to beat Steve badly enough for him to ground in the hospital for a prolonged stay. But when Steve calls from the hospital still professing his love, she realizes she’s made a mistake. She should’ve let him die. She then calls her old love, Frankie, in New York—who flies out to complete the job. In the meantime, Steve is free from the hospital and runs to the FBI.

Steve tells the FBI that Georgia has information about the mob, but is afraid. However, if the FBI gives her enough money and a new identity—so the two of them can live safely in Europe, she would be prepared to talk. Unbeknownst to Steve, the FBI has been building a case against Joe for nearly a year. They could not believe the break. They pick Georgia up and when she refuses to talk—they are livid. They had been conned. The investigation now blown, they threaten Georgia they’ll leak her name to the next side if she does not cooperate. Since she is already in hiding—she cannot be swayed. Frankie is forced to return to New York with the FBI in the picture.

Now Georgia is entirely on her own, fearing the FBI, the mob, and an unpredictable maniac. She lives in constant fear, never knowing which direction the attack will come from. The FBI continues to tail her for months. These actually saves her, their obvious presence keeping her safe from Steve and Joe—both of whom are determined not to leave her go. The FBI, angry and embarrassed, turn their focus on getting revenge on Steve. They ask for Georgia’s help to set him up. These she gladly does.

Her agent sends her on a modeling audition, unknowingly arranged by Steve—a set up. The FBI loses Georgia in traffic. When she arrives at her destination, the passenger side door swings open and Steve is in the car with a gun to her head. She manages to knock the gun from his hand and break away from his grip, narrowly escaping into the building. Furious with the FBI—with all their sophisticated surveillance devices, and still losing her, she begins to think she is hopelessly alone in her fight to stay alive. Eventually they get Steve, with Georgia’s help, and he is tried and convicted to five years in prison.

NELSON, the FBI agent who over the months of secretly working with Georgia, falls in love with her. He sincerely wants to protect her—but he also wants information. Georgia keeps her distance. Nelson calls her shortly after Steve’s arrest, informing her that her old friend, Sammy G has been murdered—blown up in his car. This marks the completion of an era for Georgia. It is the closure she needed to begin transforming her life. The cornerstone of her underworld past had fallen. The long night is over, and the sun is starting to rise…

Georgia meets RICHARD, a wealthy businessman. After a year he becomes her third husband. Some mobsters from her past show up at the wedding and to attempt to shake her down for money, saying she owed them. Joe comes back in the picture again, demanding that she launder money for him—now that she is conveniently married to a millionaire. She resists, but ultimately agrees, fearing Joe will destroy her new world if she refuses. She wants desperately for everyone to leave her and to be happy. Joe is content as long as she continues to supply him with money every month.

Georgia becomes pregnant with her second child, DUSTIN. She finally has the Ozzie and Harriet life she has always dreamed of. Nine days after giving birth she catches Richard cheating and discovers his addiction to cocaine. Georgia is saddened and disillusioned, believing now that she’s watched too much television as a kid. She is thirty years old and comes to the realization her looks are not going to hold out forever. She knows that she has only herself to rely on and proceeds to launch a new career where her income does not depend on her face—the stunt driving business. She has always felt in control behind the wheel. The time came to take control of her own destiny. She leaves Richard with what she came into the marriage with—nothing. But is determined to make it on her own—with no help from a man.

Georgia learns her daughter is on drugs while she is still in the strain of coping with Dennis’s death. She finds a rehab program for Toni in Montana—with a $40, 000.00 Price tag. She ‘d invested every cent she had in a stock with which Dennis was personally involved. The news of his death forces the stock to fall, leaving her with no option than to sell her house, or try to reach a buyer for her jewelry. While in a meeting with Toni’s therapist, her house is burglarized and all her uninsured jewelry is stolen. Fortunately, she’s hired to shoot a series of Cadillac commercials and makes enough money for the down payment.

Within a weeks time Georgia experiences three traumatic events that would crumble the strongest of women—but it does not end there…

Georgia finds out that Toni’s stepfather, Joe, has been molesting her on weekend visits with him. She threatens him with jail time if he does not fly to Montana to be confronted by Toni in a group therapy session. Joe has no choice, and accompanies Georgia and a therapist from the school to Montana. Huddled by a campfire in the open wilderness, the group puts Joe on the ‘hot-seat. ” Georgia watches with great satisfaction as Toni, her peers, and the therapist verbally tear him to shreds. She too releases the venom she’s kept under control until this moment. Joe’s pride had always been important to him. He never took criticism very well. His ego is shattered beyond repair. He flees to New York, becomes a hermit, and eventually kills himself.

The transformation, resulting from life’s lessons, is evident now. We see Georgia flying in Lear jets to distant locations with famous stars, doubling for them in car commercials and movies. Georgia’s beauty and skill opens the doors to the rich and famous in Beverly Hills. Her warm smile and inviting personality draw people toward her like an invisible magnet. She now has people clinging to her for her strength and her infectious energy. That smile, the same smile of her youth—the one that opened the door to trouble when she was not aware of its power—is now working in her favor. Georgia has taken control of the circle and is focused on driving her life in forward gear. In comparison to her past, running in Hollywood’s fast lane, it’s like a slow waltz for Georgia. No one knows of her past, and would think it a lie if told. She had dug herself out from the trenches of the underworld and climbed to the summit of the mountain where the light is shining bright—in spite of all the obstacles she ‘d encountered. Determination and courage fuel her existence.

In the passage of 25 years in time, Toni married, bringing Georgia’s life full circle. Toni’s father, Tom, comes to the marriage to give his daughter away. Georgia has not seen Tom in twenty years. Frankie flies in from New York—surprising them. Tom and Frankie, old rivals, meet for the very first time. Georgia reflects on the journey the workings of life had taken her, and wonders where the time has gone. Looking into the mirror, she studies her smile. The smile that had brought so much pain and joy. The fine lines around her eyes reflect an intelligence—enhanced by time. Only she really knows, behind her dazzling smile—she has never been happy or free.

In the end, she writes a letter addressed to her dead husband Joe, forgiving him—in order to free the prisoner within and begin living her life—at last. The last subsection of the book brings us back to the first section where the Ferrari crashes. Her lights ought to have been put out for good—it should’ve been a wrap. But instead, the lights went on—and her life was just beginning. Full speed ahead…

Georgia Police: And so much more…


Purchasing Items On Store Credit

Every person needs a Visa credit card and / or a Mastercard credit card. These charge cards can open doors for you. However if you don’t have a financial track record, it will likely be extremely challenging to get 1 of these credit cards. Creditors and other lending institutions have grown to be far more selective about who they’re inclined to give these charge cards to, and are thus far less prepared to extend credit to people. online application for short term loan in Atlanta, click that link for more details..

The Visa and Mastercard cards are made in more places than any bank card. It is highly critical to possess at least one of these borrowing vehicles, as a result. If you already have 1, and have been making monthly payments, it would be fairly simple for you to get an additional 1. But if you don’t own 1, or have never had one previously, it may be problematic to get one. Lenders are reluctant to extend credit to those who don’t have a financial track record.

UPDATE: Store Credit Card

Clean up any credit card debt – pay off each month if possible or a least pay higher than the minimums as credit card interest is high and can take forever to pay off. View the following internet site,

It is possible to easily make a request for a department store credit card. These tools are to be used for the store that you get them from. Many department stores provide these types of lending vehicles.

Gasoline stations are prepared to extend credit to individuals too. Their own cards are only good at their particular gasoline stations.

A traditional card is readily made available to both men and women who’ve a financial track record. Secured cards, as the name suggests, have a collateral. The customer deposits money in advance with the lender as safety in the off chance that the borrower doesn’t repay their debts.

These 3 forms of cards will allow you to establish a financial history. Provided that you have 1 or several of those credit cards, and often pay off your bills on time, you’ll be well on your way to obtaining a Visa or Mastercard.


A Culture Raised On Instant Gratification

A Polaroid One600 Classic instant camera is easy to operate. Just push a button to bring up the casing and then point and click. The camera has a focus free lens that’ll take a clear picture from as close as three feet away. Red eye will be reduced by the auto flash that will also properly light up every picture. There is a digital picture counter that will let you know when the camera is scheduled to run out of film.

If you like instant gratification, this camera is for you. If you enjoy entertaining, the Polaroid One600 Classic instant camera is a great deal of fun to have on hand. You can take spontaneous pictures of your guests and within minutes you can present them with great pictures to take along home with them to recall the evening by. The pictures make for a truly memorable gift that your guests will enjoy for years to come. Tip; if you want further tips related to this topic, stop by; a cash loan until next paycheck in the Atlanta area.

What one habit can possibly do all this? It is called delayed gratification. Unfortunately, not many people today understand what this is or how to make it a habit. Delayed gratification is the opposite of instant gratification. Most of us know that’s what that is. And we like it. Our society is based on instant gratification. Advertising demands you make a decision right now. Restaurants have drive-thrus so you do not have to wait. And even our fireplaces light up with the push of a button. No more kindling, logs, and matches. No more taking time to go through the process.

Investigating Instant Gratification

Push a button, the casing opens and the viewfinder is prepared for action. The casing keeps the more delicate parts of the house safe and it is extremely lightweight at a little over a pound. The film is placed into the camera through the front, and there’s a digital picture counter that will let you know as well as many pictures you can take before you’ll need more film.

Each packet of film allows for ten images to be taken. There are no batteries that need to be changed with the Polaroid One600 Classic instant camera making only a very nice feature. The camera is also renowned for taking very clear quality pictures. The best picture is usually the one taken within 3 to 5 feet of the object.

Polaroid has a series of instant gratification products like digital cameras and mobile printers apart from the instant classic camera. One of their instant digital cameras is called PoGo CZA-05300. It is equipped with an instant printer and other accessories. Polaroid Corporation has a long tradition in photography.

The invention of the modern instant camera is credited to American scientist Edwin Land who founded Polaroid Corporation and who unveiled the first instant camera in 1947. He came up with the notion for creating an instant picture when his three year old daughter told him to see the pictures he took of her on Christmas day. He correctly assumed that other people would like to see the same instant pleasure, and within only a few years, more than four thousand dealers were selling his instant cameras.

You can find the Polaroid One600 Classic instant camera online. It is always best to shop around for the best deal and if you buy one on eBay or Amazon be certain to check the seller’s feedback and also their return policy and shipping fees. These cameras are a great deal of fun and will provide you years of enjoyment.

The Magnificent City Of Atlanta Georgia

There are a bunch of lawyers that are providing their services today and most all of them appear to be a good choice. However, I can tell you that not all the things that look good are really good, and this goes for many Atlanta, Georgia lawyers-attorneys. When you’re looking for a lawyer or attorney, make sure that you check expertise, their experience, and professional qualifications. That is the most effective way to see if the lawyer is suitable to perform the work for you. At the Atlanta, Georgia law firm of AttorneyBritt we include the complete resume, qualifications of our lawyers-attorneys on our web site, and work history. For example, at the Atlanta, Georgia law firm of AttorneyBritt we provide the complete resume and work history for our founder, Gary L. Britt, CPA, J.D.

Before he started his legal career, Mr. Britt worked as a certified public accountant between 1974 and 1985 for a number of the largest and most famous public accounting and holding companies in the USA. Payday Loans , for complete details..

Between 1985 and 1995, Mr. Britt was partner in Douglas and Britt, Houston Texas. There he became an expert in all types of business contract and litigation matters, as well as fiscal and estate planning for business owners and high wealth individuals.

What About….

During the period between 1995 and 2001, Mr. Britt was vice president and general counsel in The Clawson Group, Atlanta, Georgia. There he was responsible for all the legal aspects of such privately owned conglomerate, as well as all banking and treasury relationships and contracts.

Between 2002 and 2004, Mr. Britt was general counsel of Stafford Development Company, Tifton, Georgia. There he was in charge of all legal matters for this multifaceted and diverse conglomerate of companies.

During the period between 2004 and 2008, Mr. Britt was general counsel for General Counsel Group, Atlanta, Georgia. During that period, Mr. Britt functioned as General Counsel for two main groups of companies in Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia.

In 2008, Mr. Britt founded his own Atlanta, Georgia law firm, AttorneyBritt. AttorneyBritt-Lawyer Attorney CPA-Professional solutions for litigation, estate planning, business law, asset protection, wills, trusts, probate, contracts and agreements.